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Orville is a young Limburg-based engineering company founded by An Pirlot and Vincent Ramaekers. Orville combines creativity, logical analysis and technology when developing ideas into products.

Innovation, research and problem solving are not the prerogative of large companies. It is a universal right. Our aim is to help everyone bring ideas to life and create simple solutions to complex problems.

In just six weeks from the time the design was started, we had the motor on the block testing its power.

Orville Wright • Wright Company


Our agile design process​


the problem instead of the solution


but prioritize and test


to changing knowledge

Some of our cases

Orville's Foote

A mobile ergonomic solution to work comfortably on a laptop, anywhere. We designed, prototyped and tested this product from start to finish and produce it ourselves.


Indigocare's Multimedia Handset

The first multimedia handset that can be used upside down. Indigocare's request was a beautiful sketch, a partially completed model and a clear requirement: 'make it customizable, make it waterproof, make it work'.  So we turned their design 3D, designed the insides and then started the first of many, many waterproof-tests using functional prototypes to provide them with a proof of concept and a producable design.


Denck's PURE-D

PURE-D is a toilet seat that guarantees an odorless toilet experience by making use of an integrated and patented air extraction system. Denck came to us with an idea and a proof of concept. From there on we continued the product design using two-weekly protypes and working closely together with the internal team and producer.


Indigocare's iTrack bracelet

The first wireless nurse call solutions combining 3 different wireless technologies into 1 reliable alarm transmitter. Indigocare provided the chips for their nurse call system and required us to design a housing bracelet. As always ease of use, robustness and waterproofing were high priority for them. Next to this the design needed to be modern and comfortable to wear. So we designed multiple solutions, both functionally as aesthetically and let them choose.


Meet the team

An Pirlot

"What would the Doctor do?"

Vincent Ramaekers

"What would Captain Picard do?"